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Since I’ve kinda come back from the dead I’m lookin to follow some new blogs. Please favorite/reblog if you do:

Any kind of marvel (mcu or comics) specifically:
Robert Downey jr/Tony
Chris Evans/Steve
Sebastian Stan/Bucky
Scarlett Johansson/Natasha
Mark Ruffalo/Bruce
Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye
Any ships involving tony stark
Fan art and fic
Avatar the last airbender
Funny stuff
Vampire academy

Okay that’s all feel free to shoot me a message I like to talk

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Kinda remodeling

So my friend daisy (starkdust) is gonna do some sort of something to fix my theme [if you’re good at themes help is needed please step forward]

Who the hell is Bucky?


i feel like everyone writes the winter soldier as being violent and unpredictable and angry when he finally meets up with steve again after

but i want the winter soldier lost and unmoored and afraid, and maybe a bit violent but in the sense of an injured, cornered animal lashing out because that’s all he knows how to do

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- Bucky?!

- Who the hell is Bucky?


i spent hours making sebastian stan photos transparent pls help


Progression of Bucky + dictionary definitions


this took a long time

Sebastian Stan - April 2014 - x


So much fucking amazing Winter Soldier! I adore him!